Stress Counselling in Canterbury

Stress counselling helps people to better cope with worry over illness, bereavement or work. Are your stress levels getting out of control? Do you worry about a loved one, your health or the future? Has worrying now become a problem in itself? I provide stress counselling and techniques designed to radically reduce stress levels. For help call now on 01227 290 098

I offer face to face or Skype/Face Time. Each session will be designed to help you focus on the actual concerns you have. More importantly; the sessions are constructed to specifically help better manage stress in both the short and long term.

Do you often feel that something awful is about to happen. Do you imagine that’s all you do just ends up in a catastrophe? Do you minimize things then later regret not seeing their importance at the time the events took place? I can help with your stress and worry. Call my office for an initial appointment.



For an appointment with a Stress Counsellor in Canterbury, call 01227 290 098