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Internet Addiction Help

Internet addiction counselling offered in Canterbury, Kent. If you are concerned about your internet use, if you have crossed the line and are now facing consequences, contact us. We offer an effective Psychological counselling service for internet addiction, on-line chat, gaming, porn, psychic sites, dating sites, cyber and related concerns. Our Psychological counsellors offer therapy to assist you in making real changes. Our psychotherapy treatment programmes are designed to help improve you and your circumstances, before its too late.

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Internet Addiction Counselling

For many years David Goodlad has helped clients overcome their Internet pornography and on-line sex problems. Web based sex and chat room or cyber sex addiction are just some of the issues he helps his clients get under control. He is a recognised and qualified expert in the field of addiction counselling.


Internet addiction help is provided through a series of one to one sessions. It begins with a comprehensive assessment, followed by a counselling treatment plan. A range of tasks, counsellor techniques and educatory methods are employed. The treatment of internet addiction is not a counsellor led ‘passive’ encounter.


Types of Internet Addiction

Porn / Social Networks / Dating Sites / Gaming (particularly adolescent or teeange males) /Celebrity Gossip Websites -Blogs / Internet Gambling / General Surfing

Web based pornography is almost exclusively viewed covertly, addiction to it mostly relies upon private viewing.



Its presence in our lives has exploded into ready availability, with the assistance of broadband internet. Private home based viewing on mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc has provided pornography addicts with the perfect covert host. However, with the huge increase in dating and casual sex sites, many people are now addicted to seeing themselves on line, not just viewing others. Facebook, dating websites, chat rooms and anonymous email accounts have opened up another outlet for fantasying, and more importantly, endlessly searching until the addict is found out. David Goodlad provides an internet addiction counselling service in Canterbury Kent.


Sex addiction and co-dependent relationships are akin in that they both represent‘excessive appetites’ that can never be satisfied through addictive behaviour (adapted Prof J Orford).


Recognising Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction can be recognised by a cluster of symptoms.

  1. Personal Neglect
  2. Compulsive checking and “clicking”
  3. Isolation and Avoidance from people
  4. Lost Productivity
  5. Depression
  6. Marital Problems
  7. Sexual Addiction
  8. Gambling away savings
  9. Internet abuse in the Workplace
  10. Academic Failure
  11. Anxiety if access to a computer is denied
  12. Persistent need to spend excessive amount of time on the computer
  13. Neglecting other duties
  14. Forgoing Social Activities
  15. Neglecting Family Relationships
  16. Compulsive need to spend time on the computer
  17. Feeling empty when not at the computer
  18. Feeling irritable when not at the computer
  19. Feeling depressed when not at the computer
  20. Lying to other people about amount of time spent on the computer
  21. Social Isolation
  22. Withdrawing from other pleasurable activities


Do you experience?

  1. The need to use the internet to increasing degrees to achieve the desired effect?
  2. Symptoms of withdrawal when internet use is avoided, or another activity needs to be undertaken?
  3. Difficulty restricting your internet use?
  4. Your internet use interferes with social, occupational or recreational activities
  5. Negative consequences on personal relationships as a result of the behaviour?


Are You Compulsive or Addicted To the Net? Do you suffer with Chat Line or Cyber Sex Addiction?

Answering the question “Am I addicted?” is based on four questions.

  1. Do you feel better when you are on-line, chatting, or exploring the Net?
  2. Are you or have you been spending more and more time on-line, with varying degrees of control?
  3. Are you on-line when you should being doing something else?
  4. Have you tried to cut back but find that you can’t?


You probably have a compulsion if you feel a strong need to get on-line when you should be doing other things in your life. For instance, “Are you forgetting to eat?” Or, “Are you getting up at 3 a.m. in the morning to go to the bathroom and checking your e-mail before you go back to bed?”. Checking e-mail at night when no one else is up and for no reason is a compulsion. You may even have early signs of sex addiction if you feel a need to be on the Internet more and more and feel worse when you stop.

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For many men and women experiencing online problems the Internet is like a private night club or the place where they can find the friends or partners that they have always wanted. They don’t have to go out and find real people and have an honest relationship. They can stay in their own chair and explore endless activities. They can walk away and come right back. If online they embarrass themselves, or get people angry and then can just change their name, age and marital status and just start over. They can feel like a sex addict and be overcome with shame and remorse but have no idea how to resolve it. If you are looking for sex addiction help, call for an appointment.

The ‘Need’ of the Internet sex addict

Internet addiction is about searching, not finding. The need to search online is never satisfied for an addict. Hours are simply wasted away in an uncontrolled, secret gorge. Having the problem of internet addiction and not facing the problem is at the very core of the problem.


Online, people can go anywhere, search almost anything, find out virtually anything and look at almost anybody they want. The covert copying and storing, from Facebook, of images from profiles of women known to them, becomes another secret activity. Often these men are in stable relationships whereby their partners are often completely ignorant of these activities. Online they act out in ways that are risky and totally absorbing, sometimes crossing their moral, or worse legal boundaries. They can do all this without leaving their chair or in some web based arenas such as chat or date sites they don’t need to present themselves as a real person. Accountability, supervision and social consequences are missing in a virtual society.


Sex addiction draws men and women into behaviours that they genuinely have no control over. As a result of the entrenched habit there are often personal, relationship and employment issues to face on a daily basis, or in some more extreme cases legal issues ensue. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. If this is you, we can do something about it. Call now.


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