Findom – Financial Domination Counselling

Findom stands for financial domination. It falls within the sexual perversion category of BDSM. Typically, FINDOM involves men sending large amounts of money to women in hopes of being financially controlled and humiliated. In some cases the mistress/dominant is in complete control of the finances. Most of the time, the dominant and dominee never actually meet, and this exchange does not involve any form of sexual favour. Men in these relationships submit to the domme, are spoken to in a cruel manner and enjoy verbal abuse and blackmail.

David Goodlad has helped many people overcome different psychological difficulties. In particular, David’s unique and in depth understanding of addiction has aided people in tackling their findom addiction. David has almost 30 years’ experience treating sex, alcohol addiction and other compulsive behaviours.

David’s expertise enables him to aid clients in a step-by-step program to overcome findom behaviour. This step-by-step program includes;

– Assessing the impact on the client and their family
– Implementing an immediate plan to stop all findom activity
– Develop change and coping strategies for the client
– Help the client to develop a personal relapse prevention plan

A findom addiction can be detrimental to a person’s mental, financial and physical health. Severe addiction can lead to bankruptcy and debt which can be a huge psychological strain on the individual and close family who care about them. Families can be torn apart through this addiction as it can cause devastating financial ruin upon the individual and other family members who decide to help. Other strains can be;

– Addiction
– Increased debt and/or financial ruin
– Loss of property and estate
– Loss of marriage/relationship
– Anxiety
– Physical harm (some men perform self-torture tasks during the exchange
– Psychological damage

It is important to note that anything discussed in a session will remain under complete confidentiality. Your personal information will not be shared as well as any information you choose to disclose.

Please do not hesitate to contact David if you are involved in findom or have any concerns on the matter.

01227 290 098